Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Calling all Unique Moms on my daughters first birthday (moms of special needs kiddos)

This is my first venture into blogging. Today is my daughters first birthday.  If you are a Unique Mom, you will understand why I am blogging and not putting the finishing touches on the cake or wrapping the gifts.  My daughter is beautiful, sweet, and I love her so much, but she is not the typical one year old ready for a party.  The cake will be tough since she cannot sit in a high chair, she is not yet able to hold her head up on her own or sit up.  The presents will be a challenge since she is not able to hold anything in her hands or grab for things.  What to do... 

I am blogging to try and find other moms who have faced this challenge or are about to face it.  I will write about our challenges and triumphs.  Maybe even some photos of the little angel child. 

How do you celebrate a day that changed your life in so many ways?  How do you celebrate a day that marked the beginign of the most frightning and sad year of your life? How do you celebrate in a way that is fitting to the most beautiful, patient and lovable child on the planet... Any suggestions???

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