Monday, August 30, 2010

The Woot, the yuck muck, and the goodness

The Woot is my daughters nickname.  Actually, it is one of many nicknames.  What is it about some just want to give them nicknames...out of love and respect, or maybe just cause they are so damn amazing??? The Woot is currently in her bouncy seat ( I could write volumes on how wonderful this chair is and also how much I hate it).  She is she often does.  She is a patient girl.  How to describe this Woot??  Well, I have been thinking how some days are dark and some are light (and some are grey...but lets make this easy shall we).  On a dark day, a description would be so different than on a light day.  There are also the two types of people, those who know the Woot and those who really don't (or are having a temporary lapse of sanity, which sometimes is me).  Here goes--the two tales to describe the same kiddo...or.... a tale of two Woots!
Well, today she is smashing in her pink onsie.  She is a bit floppy, a bit stiff, and definitely google eyed.  She has a perfect pink tounge which shows itself often, and hair that looks like she dropped some coin at a proffesional salon for hipsters. She is willing to chill while I blog and expects only some hugs, kisses, songs, and milk every three hours.  What a treat to be her mom!

And then...the other..

Well, today we began the day at 9:30.  We got the bottle in, which went relatively quick, no coughing and sputtering.  Her eyes are not focusing, soemtimes she is pretty spacy and I don't even know if she realizes I am here until I say something out loud.  We gave her a haircut last night so the mop is more tamed, but still we have the bald spot in back and the stick em ups all over--the wild Wootie mane.  Still, she is not able to support her head and her arms are fixed straight most of the time.  Here we are, mom and baby.

At one year I still visit this later, less appealing camp.  The place where all I see is my daughters disability and the ways we are different from other moms and babies.  It is nothing I am proud of, but somthing I cannot hide.  The dark days are less severe than they used to be and most often she and I can pull out a pretty decent day even if for a bit of it we are neck deep in the yuck muck.  Mostly what gets me is her undeniable beauty and spark.  When she grins, she casts a spell on all who are good, and makes them better.  She makes me better and will continue to do so...

I am excited to begin this document all the goodness she will bring.  I welcome followers, advise on how to make the blog better and links to other great sites.  Go....

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